About company

We are a young dynamically developing company that managed to gain stability and trust in the open spaces of the Ukrainian market.
Specialists of our company have been working in the field of retail services since 2002, have wide experience in optimization and economy of shops, cafes, banks and gas station stations. They will always help you to choose the best solution for you and provide quality advice.
The basic directions of the company: deliveries of the trading equipment, spare parts (ZIP), accessories, account materials, service maintenance, and also own manufacture of exclusive trading equipment.
Our masters have developed the world's first banknote detector using LED instead of fluorescent lamps, so the detector can work for more than 5 years without additional costs and disposal. Since 2015, together with our partners and clients, we are implementing the idea of ​​protecting the environment and switching to energy efficient technologies.
In 2017, we launched a new project, creating a universal solution for stores, combining a price-checker with an information kiosk, which allows the buyer to obtain full information about the product (price, composition, auction offers) without resorting to outside help, and also to provide the seller with a quality service combining with the promotion of new products.
Our specialists like tasks in the implementation of individual cash equipment and invite you to cooperate, we will help to model the project, and also to produce on the basis of our own production.
Our advantages
Exclusive positions
own production
reasonable prices
proven brands
long-term cooperation
for own production
prompt delivery
convenient form of payment